CBSE paper leak- Out of the frying pan, landing in fire!

cbse-paper leak

CBSE’s recent paper leaking news has taken us all by a shock.Students of this country have always suffered.As if the poor quality of education and adoption of Macaulay’s system of education was not enough, India has taken to a new practice of leaking papers.

cbse-paper leak

Indian kids know this as cardinal truth that board exams have the power to make or break their careers( we don’t approve of this but also can’t ignore the fact that we are brought up listening to sentences like these).

Therefore when something as big as a leak in the examination, taken by 16,38,428 students happens, many questions are bound to rise on the sovereignty of bodies like MHRD and CBSE.

Not only the students who took the board exams are in outrage right now but the entire student community is finally demanding answers to their basic rights as students.

Medical related exams like NEET and various government exams have an entire history of leaked examination papers.

NEET examination’s paper has been leaked in year 2015,2016 and 2017. SSC exams are also nowhere behind in the race and now a new competitor has popped up.

On Legatum Prosperity Index, India ranks at 100th place and 135th on education index.These are grim data and leak in papers of an examination to be conducted by the biggest education board of India will take us even farther from our goals.

Why we disapprove re-examination?

CBSE-paper leaked

  • It takes 6 months of preparation time for specially-abled kids to write an examination of 3 hours duration.Re-examination will make them go through the entire process again and it is not even their fault.


  • The students who belong to families having financial constraints, going again to far off centres to reappear for exams will put them under immense pressure.


There are bigger issues than exam paper leaks if fair results are what CBSE expects!

Cheating while conduction of exams

CBSE conducts examination for more than 28lac students every year.There are various state boards which conduct exams for another 70lac student. A total of 1 crore students give 10th board examination every year.

To accommodate such high numbers centres are provided in remote areas also. We all are familiar with the news of cheating in those areas.

No not one student copying from another student but cheating in organised manners like someone dictating answers on loudspeakers.(Shown as a joke in movie JOLLY LLB 2)

Yes, villages are also a part of country and quality of education holds equal importance to everyone.

Besides issues like cheating, checking of copies is another controversial topic.

Late display of results

Students who appear for government exams wait for their results for years. Sometimes only to listen that the examination has been called off.Such things are common among SSC aspirants.

Because CBSE is a reputable body, therefore, this issue picked up in mainstream media.Various government exams have witnessed leaking of paper previously and those issues were addressed in a very casual manner.

We want the entire system to function legitimately and education system should be for the children’s benefit.

Pollution in the entire system by coaching institutes is another issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Those who are involved with the leaking of paper should be legally penalised.






Author: Prashansa Sharma

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