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  • Incredibly easy and practical ways to earn that extra cash in college!

    After all the life-changing, tiring and gruesome exams, you land up in college. A college is a place that exposes you to new places, new adventures and an immense world of possibilities with a very fresh chance to find who you are and what you enjoy.

    There are so many things you should try, new eateries, new initiatives, new activities and all these activities require money. When in college, most of us have limited pocket money which is never enough. Trust me!

    So, some amount of extra money coming in is always a perk. In the era of internet, earning money has become a lot easier than it used to be.

    Not only earning at a young age will make you more self-sufficient but it will also give you a sense of confidence to take initiatives, to start things on your own. Earning your own bread always gives you a sense of pride.

    In our country, parents are often found saying that you complete your degree first, then go after money, whereas in other countries kids start working on their own at a very early age.

    Earning will give you the power to take your own decisions and opportunity to own your life a little more.

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    Here we are listing some tried and tested methods to make that extra cash yours, for the new dress you saw in that showroom or for an upcoming date with your crush!

    1. chegg

    Chegg is an online textbook rental company based in Santa Clara. They pay for every question you answer. So all the preparation that you have done for the competitive exams can now be finally monetised. It is the most trusted website when it comes to pay-outs.

    People earn 8-10k extra every month just by working for 1-2 hours every day.

    You have to register as an expert and then pass a small MCQ test in the subject of your choice and off you go.
    Check out the link below.

    2. snapqa

    If you thought such platforms don’t exist in India, you are wrong.
    Snapqa is the start-up of IIT Kharagpur alumni and this works somewhat similar to Chegg. Here, the subjects are mostly engineering related.
    Pay-outs are regular and the user interface is amazing.

    It is easy to use the platform. The money feels more fulfilling when you know you have earned it by helping someone.
    These were the two most amazing platforms.

    There are more platforms like these but these were the ones which I have personally come across.

    Now for all the people who don’t want to tutor or solve questions to earn money here are some other useful methods.

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    1. Build websites

    Yes, we live in a technical world and therefore everyone these days needs a website.You don’t need to be a techie to build websites, all thanks to the platforms like WordPress, blogger etc.
    Moreover, this is a fun process in itself. It feels amazing to make your own website.
    This can earn you a lot of money.

    Learning this skill won’t be difficult because c’mon you are born in the times of YouTube.
    Building a website for others can fetch you 10-15k depending on the level of your expertise.

    Initially, for a very basic website, you can charge around 8k. It takes only 5-6 hours to create a basic website on WordPress.

    To get hosting and domain at the lowest price in the market you can contact us. Our mailing address and contact are given at the bottom of the website.

    2. Become a freelance writer

    We write so many assignments in our college days and never realise this could pay. There are a lot of websites that pay for writing articles. The payout may vary from the difficulty of the topic and the length of the article. offers a course for Rs 640 only that teaches you how to earn money by writing articles. This might come really handy.

    Moreover, you can start your own blog and grow it over years of your college and pass with a steady income.
    Blogging offers immense possibilities for you to earn sitting at the comfort of your home.

    3. Sell stuff on Amazon or Flipkart

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    Yes, you can definitely do this. You will have to decide what you want to sell. It is a fun process. We know a lot of sellers who used to buy jewellery at very cheap prizes from Chandni Chowk and Delhi Haat.

    After this, they clicked amazing pictures of that jewellery and uploaded the pictures on these e-commerce platforms to earn.
    You just have to find the product you are better at buying than others and then sell.
    This is an exciting activity to do. The entire process of buying and then clicking is fun. Get to know the process and try yourself.

    4. Start a little services business

    We all know there is a lot of stuff regularly required when we stay in hostels. The previous year question papers being the undeniable requirement. You can get them printed in bulk and sell with a little profit. You know how regular the phenomenon of exams in colleges is.

    You can find for yourself what works for you.

    There is even a start-up running in Delhi NCR which provides cigarettes at any hour of the day. And they are doing pretty well. 🙂


    There are many activities that will not give you money instantly but you hold a very good chance to get famous if you work consistently. And famous people are rich right?
    You can
    1.start an Instagram page,
    2.Start a food blog,
    3.start a YouTube channel,
    4.teach kids in your community
    5.Manage someone company’s social media platforms etc.

    Now, when you are in college read a lot. Think about your future practically. See the changing trends of the world and make yourself employable. Pave paths for yourself to take you forward and are meaningful.
    Learn to learn and unlearn the BS.

    *Thank you*

  • Who are you ? Take a personality test!

    What is your personality type?There is a huge chunk of people out there, doing jobs they don’t like.Yes, unemployment is to blame but unawareness is to be blamed even more.

    The fact is, we don’t care to know about ourselves and keep on living our lives under rocks.We never ask ourselves what we are good at, seldom spend time learning about ourselves. So what if the education system doesn’t provide us with courses to answer these intricate questions, this is what we owe to ourselves.

    ‘Who are you?’

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    Today, I sent this question to about 20 friends of mine (small size, I know :P) and most of them replied with their names.

    I won’t lie, the first time I was shot with the same question, a string of very stupid answers came out of my mouth too!

    This is such an important question that no one has ever emphasised on it, or those who have, have gone nuts trying to find the answers! If we look closely into the situation, we find that people tend to invest more energy in decisions that are less important in the longer run.

    Don’t believe me? Okay!

    Remember how you transformed yourself into a PhD scholar while buying the phone/tablet/PC you are reading this article on?

    You asked everyone you thought was eligible to answer. Searched every blog you could, analysed comparative studies on Amazon, Flipkart and every google review website you could get your hands on, didn’t you?

    Now, how many experts did you decide to contact to find out which is the appropriate career for you?

    How many blogs have you referred to?

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    For those who are still not satisfied, Indians have an entire history of getting married to a person of their parent’s choice.(And choosing a career goes down the same lane as well).These are the decisions Indian people make casually.Tell us in the comments if you disagree or agree.

    I was also caught up in the same questions as to what I can do, there is this system set up and whatever I do, I will have to go the same school and will obviously have the same parents :D. After days and months of frustration, I began to look for answers in psychology.

    This is what I found out.

    Myers-Briggs type indicator categorises personalities into 16 broad categories. Initially, Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist gave four main divisions, combinations of these then came as personality types as we know them now.

    These four division were


    Extroverts: They are the people who have an outgoing personality, they socialise a lot. They believe in sharing their feelings and solve problems by talking through.

    Introverts: They like to spend time alone. They tend to have more energy by spending time with themselves. They focus more on their inner thoughts.


    Sensing: These people trust facts more than what people are saying. They analyse the data behind the information.

    Intuition: These people read between the lines. they figure out the bigger picture before going into facts.


    Thinking: These people tend to make a complete pros and cons list of the problem they are about to solve. They take decisions after pondering over every minute detail that they can think of.

    Feeling: These people value emotions and feelings of the people involved.


    Judging: These people want to have everything figured out beforehand. They plan a lot and have roadmaps for everything.

    Perceiving: They figure out things as they unfold. they figure out their plans as things happen in life.

    Now all the highlighted letters above combine to make 16 different categories which are as follows:

    1.ISTJ-The Duty Fulfiller

    2.ISTP-The Mechanic

    3.ISFJ- The Nurturer

    4.ISFP- The Artist

    5.INFJ- The Protector

    6.INFP- The Idealist

    7.INTJ – The Scientist

    8.INTP- The Thinker

    9.ESTP – The Doer

    10.ESTJ – The Guardian

    11.ESFP – The Performer

    12.ESFJ – The Caregiver

    13.ENFP – The Inspirer

    14.ENFJ – The Giver

    15.ENTP – The Visionary

    16.ENTJ – The Executive

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    Different personality types are suitable for different professions. If you know your personality type then that is one step closer to choose your ideal career.

    If you want to know what personality type are you, log on to and get to know yourself better.You will definitely creep out after the results, saying these people know you better than yourself.You might end up accepting traits you knew you always had but has denied accepting for a very long time.

    Nothing could be more joyous right now to know that this test is free.It is a very detailed test and you will probably have the deepest look into yourself.Try now!

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    Find out whether you are a person who likes go where life leads them or carefully mark every milestone to be achieved from the beginning. Find who you are and what you should work on to become a better version of yourself!

    Go get ’em!





  • If you have these 5 qualities,engineering is your thing!

    Engineering is a very demanding career. You not only have to work for long hours continuously but you also have to think constantly on your toes.

    Cutting edge thought process and the ability to apply concepts practically is the key to success in this profession.

    Driving force to opt for this field can neither be the high pay nor a comfortable life. Love for science being the constant, other qualities that make engineering a perfect career for you are

    1.Only logic satisfies you


    Memorizing has never been your thing. You have always had your ways to learn formulas and derive theorems. You are a practical thinker and all the things in life have to have a reason for you.

    You have always been an inquisitive child. Science has always been your weapon to face the world.

    2.You know the math

    Engineering and mathematics go hand in hand. There will be complex theorems, derivations of formulas, experimental data calculations etc. for which you need to have your mathematics in place.

    Therefore, if you are not good at maths never opt for engineering as it will turn out to be an inevitable nightmare. The key to a satisfying career is to never go for something which doesn’t excite you.

    3.You always had the vision to make the world a better place to live

    Engineering gives you the power to create something new or upgrade the existing setup. Very few careers give you such freedom to experiment and extend boundaries of your job.

    There is so much happening in the world of science at any given point of time and there are so many areas to improve upon and think out of the box.

    This is a field which opens your mind to possibilities which you would have never even thought of previously. It can never get boring.

    4.Problem-solving comes naturally to you

    Once you enter the world of engineering, problem-solving becomes a second nature to you. You follow the motto, “If it’s not broken, break it”. Every day there will be a new problem waiting to be solved by you. The feeling of creating something and being a part of the solution is immeasurable.

    5.You have mastered the art of learning continuously


    Engineering is not a career option, it’s a way of life. It is the path to progress and development of the country. That said, you should only go for it if you are prepared to be a student throughout your life.

    The learning is a never-ending process and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Every day something new is discovered and every day is a new learning curve.


    There is a reason engineering is such a highly sought-after profession in India. It is a profession that is powerful, dynamic and life-changing all at once.

     P.S. The pay is also pretty good!



  • Chatterbox career options for the year 2018!

    Are you a person who talks too much?

    Well, let’s have a rapid-fire then!

    1. Your teacher always complained to your parents in Parent-Teachers meeting that you were very gullible.
    2. You always have an opinion about everything.
    3. You are often asked to shut up.
    4. You blabber while sleeping also.
    5. You are not afraid to take initiatives and never hold yourself back.

    Well, if most of the above points are checked √ by you, then congratulations! There are many exciting career choices are waiting for you.

    Talking too much for long hours is a talent which everyone doesn’t have. Extroverts like Donald Trump, Richard Branson have earned a lot of fame because they are able to express themselves very fluently and with panache.

    So, here is the list for you to choose from.

    1.Radio Jockey

    A Radio Jockey is a person who hosts shows on radio channels. Success in this field is measured by the engagement level of the listeners. Radio jockeys continuously speak for long spells and entertain people.

    Famous RJs like Malishka and Ayushmann Khurana have made it big in the industry, their success stories speak for themselves.

    The job comes with lots of perks like meeting different people, talking to them and obviously provides you with an opportunity to become a public figure. So, if everybody has always complained about you speaking too much, go show them the power of vocals.

    2.Human Resource Manager

    Next up in the list is the HR manager. As the name suggests, these people are in charge of managing people and therefore a lot of human interaction takes place. If you are a bit more than talkative, you will easily sail through this job which is equally challenging and exhausting.

    Human resource people have excellent communication skills and lots of patience.  if you are charming, intelligent, a person who enjoys being social and have good networking skills, this job awaits you.


    The Internet has given rise to a lot of new careers such as blogger, youtuber, podcaster etc are a few of them.

    If you have held back all these thoughts, you have so much to say and the world is your arena, go try your hands at podcasting.

    As the number of podcasters keeps on increasing at a steady rate, the profession is picking up the pace.

    People in the USA are already used to listening podcast. India is soon going to witness podcast being picked by people as the mainstream profession.

    Some of the famous podcasters are Russell Brand, Jacob Weinberg etc. You can try listening to their podcasts and see for yourself if it interests you as a profession.

    4.Tour Guide

    This is an interesting option for people who love to interact with new people on a daily basis. This job poses challenges such as constantly picking up and learning new languages to gather more clients.

    As a tour guide, you are always talking and telling the tourists about the things you know. Yes, even in the era of Google, the requirement of guides is inevitable as machines can never replace the joys of human interaction completely.

    The job provides lots of opportunity in terms of management and travelling. Loquacious people should definitely explore this option.


    The last spot had a tough competition between Customer service executive and Interpreter. Here, I would like to bring this to your notice that here at knowing your nods there is no career superior to other and hence both the choices made it to the list.

    5.Customer service executive

    Customer service executives use their skills and experience to ensure that a company delivers the highest standards of service to customers.

    Depending on the size of the business, the executive may deal directly with customers’ inquiries and complaints or manage a team of customer service representatives. It is not a hard job and is good for people with problem-solving skills.

    • Interpreter/ Translator

    Interpreters specialise in various languages and their job is to convert speech from one language to another orally, much like translators who convert written text.

    Interpreters often work freelance or in government organisations and it is a very prestigious and comfortable job. They are also hired in hospitals and international conferences.


    Some of the above options are offbeat and some are mainstream. Regardless, all are good options for a career. Take your pick!


  • What is know your nods?Part -II

    It’s no secret that engineering is a difficult but most abused career choice in India. It has been adopted as the staple career option.

    People are often ridiculed if they want to make their careers in arts or even the commerce stream. Our country has categorized everything and today we are suffering because of these categorizations itself.

    In a country of 1.3 billion people which produces 1.5 million engineers every year, to hear that 80% of them are unemployable is shameful.


    We keep on hearing in the news every now and then, that India is the next big upcoming superpower. But the problem is to achieve that with the current education scenario.

    A country having such huge manpower base is crippled because we don’t know how to manage our resources.

    We tag unemployment as one of the biggest challenges, without thinking that it is the outcome of our very own faulty education system which is based on Macaulay’s principle. Yes, it is very shocking to know that our current system is based on the thinking of an English guy.

    Somebody has to change this and that is why we have created know your nods. We don’t want to categorize you because we understand every individual is capable of doing different things. We respect individuality and want you to be independent thinkers.

    We all have witnessed countless times when we told our teachers that we have understood something that is being taught when we actually didn’t.This initiative of ours is against every single nod of that category.

    We are tired of listening to news of young boys and girls hanging themselves because they couldn’t take the pressure. Choice of career is everybody’s right and a right equivalent to right of speech and expression.

    Every hour a kid dies out there!



    There are over 12000 options to choose from.

    Why should one hang himself/herself because they were not able to solve some stupid questions which don’t make sense to them?

    This has to stop and stop very soon.

    Our vision is to provide every kid with basic access to career counselling. We want it to be affordable.

    It’s high time we understood how to manage our human resources.

    We will have to learn that no profession is superior to other. That nobody should be judged for the choices they make in life.


    We are writing about all the careers that exist today. Read them and try to find yourself. We write the personality traits required for that job. Try to analyse yourself. Simultaneously, we will write about all the counselling procedures and how it’s done so that you may read and assess yourself. 

    Moreover, don’t suffer in silence. Please write to us all your problems. We have a dedicated team which will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • How to convince your parents to support you?

    Parents play a very important role in our lives. A major part of our personality is shaped by our upbringing. What our parents think about us will always be important to us no matter what.

    In our formative years, there are so many things we come across that we want to pursue. We want to do certain things that our parents don’t approve of.

    No matter how crazy the options that we want to choose are, we should be given the right to make our own mistakes and choose our own battles. But most often than not, Indian parents tend to control a lot of our life aspects and it becomes very important to convince our them to let us do what we want. Their disapproval might be because of lack of information in that area or they might have been misled by their peers.

    So, today I am going to tell you five useful tried and tested methods that will definitely help you convince your parents as far as making career choices is concerned.

    1.Use information as your weapon

    Collect all the information regarding the career you want to choose.

    The jobs that are available in that field, the pay and some of the people who are succeeding in that profession, just know it all. Try to answer all the questions they might ask beforehand. If possible, look out for the people in that profession and talk to them. You can also use platforms like Quora and LinkedIn to contact people.

    Trust me, only data will make you look sincere in front of them.

    2.Do a substantial amount of the work beforehand

    Start working in that field without their approval. Engage in internships, learn the ropes. Do the substantial amount of work before approaching them so that you have something to show for yourself.

    Nothing can be achieved in this world without making efforts first. Take the initiative. You cannot expect to keep slacking and then expect them to do your bidding.

    For example, if you want to become a writer, start a blog and when they question your sincerity or your level of interest, just show them your blog.

    Say, you want to become a DJ, just upload some of your tracks on platforms like iTunes or SoundCloud and show them the response that you got. Actions speak louder than words.


    All I am trying to say is that before convincing them there is one person you have to convince and that is ‘you’. For matters like taking admission in some course in certain college, jot down the points how that course will be important and useful to you.

    3.Be mature while talking

    Confidence can take you places. While explaining your career choice to your parents or for that matter anyone you should not be afraid. Your life is the only that is under your complete control.

    So, be confident about the path you have chosen. Never joke about it. I come across people saying, “If I could have gathered the courage to tell my parents what I love I wouldn’t be stuck here”.

    Make that choice for yourself. Be selfish about it.Be sincere about it. Be you. (I know. Cliche!)

    4.Discuss it with your teachers first

    Teachers are the people our parents’ trust. Moreover, teachers have seen our progress closely. They know us better when it comes to handling things in outside world. Discuss with the teacher you like and tell them all the information you have collected and how that career is not only your passion but your happiness too.

    Note the points of objections raised by your teacher and try to rectify them before you finally discuss the matter with your parents. You can also ask your teacher to contribute to the discussion if your parents are a little intimidating to handle.

    5.Never lose your calm, Never!

    Lastly, never lose your calm. Be patient no matter what. Don’t shout or use foul words. Don’t say anything that you might regret later. If your parents don’t listen to you at all, try writing them a note.

    Write everything you wanted to say, tell them that half-heartedly doing something that is not of your choice will only waste your time.


    I know I have not been able to cover the entire space here and the problem is much more severe than it sounds.Write to us about specific problems you have and we definitely help you in whichever way we will be able to.


  • How to find what you love?

    As a kid, I always used to think that the people who are born with some innate talent are so lucky. They know what to do with their lives; they have a purpose and are aware of their identities. Whereas people like me who are a little good in studies, little in dancing, singing and good with everything are actually good at nothing.

    This thought has been with me for the longest period of my life. Little did I realise that we are all born with some special quality. I know this has been said and written about a zillion times and is a hollow statement until someone gives you tools to find the answer to exactly what that special trait is.

    Before writing this article, I was surfing the internet to see if this question has been appropriately addressed earlier. There were a few ways like these repeatedly highlighted-

    1. Try and do different stuff, explore by doing and see what you love!

    I found this one highly irrelevant as in Indian circumstances it is very difficult to go and try different things due to scarcity of resources, and exposure

    1. Next, I came across was keeping track of your likes and dislikes. This one is also not very effective because isn’t this the question after all, “how to find what you love”

    So after long sessions of brainstorming here are few practical tools to know oneself better.

    1.See closely where you spend your time

    Your answer to this would be social media. Okay! Accepted! Now, look closer. What is there on these social media platforms that you enjoy? What Instagram handles you follow? What kind of pictures do you like to see? What are the posts that you share in a blink of seconds? Which ones have your thumbs up and which are the ones for which you pray there was a dislike button?

    Because these all are your subconscious reactions to external stimuli, it will give you a better view of yourself!

    Let me explain this a little more. My brother once scrolled down my Instagram feed and was perplexed to see there was so much text there. when he told me that I had so much data on an app known for sharing pictures, only then I realised I was unknowingly driven towards literature and entrepreneurial pieces of advice.

    When I scrolled his feed it had all the artists and their artworks he liked. J

    Maybe that is why I am a blogger and he is an artist.

    Use these platforms for yourself. I have a friend who follows engineers on Instagram. Only after she shared a few videos I realised I did not enjoy engineering as much she does. This technique helped me a lot to choose my path ahead.

    2.Differentiate between hobby and passion

    Though there is a tough debate out there on this topic. Some people say passion is the key, others argue that it is a fancy word used by those who get through tough times and are rich today.

    Well if you will ask me there is an extremely simple solution to this problem of finding out if some activity is your passion or hobby.

    Increase the difficulty level and see if you can survive. It is as simple as that. If you are passionate about making music, mix some tracks on your laptop and see how that goes.

    I have a lot of people coming to me, explaining how passionate they are for writing but have never written even a postcard.

    If you are passionate about writing, start a blog and write daily. See, if you can manage! Observe if you feel unsettling till you finalise a post even if means waking up till 3 am in the morning.

    3.Observe your recurring actions

    Do you keep watching one same movie over and over again? Did you ever try to answer this question for yourself “Why this movie”?

    You will say what kind of silly question is that “I watch it because I like it “. Yes, you like it but let us look closer. What is that you like in the movie? Is there a character that makes you watch this movie? If yes, how is that character? Do you mimic it sometimes…What is about this character you like?

    Let me tell you about my experience with this technique.

    I have watched Rang de Basanti several times. I am crazy for ‘Su’ in that movie, sometimes I even mimic her Hindi accent. I loved how passionate she was to get her work done that she befriends lazy guys of Delhi University and even get them working. The way she did not compromise on casting the guy her newfound group held grudges against was terrific.

    It was one person’s perspective and passion that changed the entire bunch of lazy lads.

    After all this analysis I realised I liked this assessment method so much that I  did it with other novels, movie and TV series characters I liked to completely know what are the qualities I like and to what extent I needed to improve.

    4.Read Read Read and Read!

    No substitute for this one. Why most people choose to become an engineer after taking PCM in their 10+2 is that they don’t know any other career option. They are not clear if what they want to study further should be applied science or absolute science.

    Reading is the only way mankind could evolve. Do you ever see a book as a gem? Whatever someone learnt in an entire lifetime is readily available for you to read in few hours or days.

    In this era where our attention span has decreased so much, there is an on-going need to wake up masses and this can only be done via books.

    Start reading as soon as possible. Read everything you get your hands on and you will find yourself a step closer to yourself.

    5.Develop Patience

    Patience has been considered the key to learning. The biggest wisdom is to know you. You will have to develop patience. There is no alternative to this if you want to find out what you love.

    Before teaching any move to martial arts students, they are asked to sweep a floor area covered with tiny sand particles. They have to do it until they successfully clean that area, the sand keeps on flying here and there and it takes a lot of patience to finally get the task done. This is their first lesson.

    Patience is the first lesson in learning anything new. It will sail you through difficult times, you will inevitably face.


    It is a myth that if you will discover what you love, every step further will be a cakewalk. You will have to work day and night then also. There will be exhausting times; there will be setbacks and failures. The only difference knowing yourself will create is that in this robotic lifestyle you will be more human. You will have a purpose of existence and this fact will keep you happy. You will think of leaving your mark behind on your work and not of getting paycheques at a fixed date of the month.

    There are so many kids in our country with so much talent but no direction, this has to change and so here at ‘know your nods’ we are trying to let you know your nods and understand ours also.





    The only sin is mediocrity ~ Martha Graham

    It has been rightly said that we live in an age of mediocrity and it is the only thing at which India seems to excel. I have been often termed as a “Grammar Nazi” by my dearest friends.

    One day, when I corrected a friend for the hundredth time about the same little spelling mistake which bothered me infinitely, he said,” Nobody cares about perfect English. Let it go.” This got me thinking and I realised that it is in fact, true. Not just the beautiful language that I am so passionate about but in everything else too.

    On further introspection, I acknowledged that that is the case with me too.

    The Indian society nurtures mediocrity and aggressively prunes anyone who tries to rise above it. It has happened to us all. The Indian academic archetype clues us in.


    The pride we feel after reading memes like this shows how okay we are with mediocrity. The irony is that being a land of engineers we are unable to engineer the much-needed development of it.

    Many examples come to mind such as:

    1.The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC)

    It was one of the only non-mediocre corporations that we used to be proud of considering that they used to deliver projects before their due dates.

    Recently while interning on one of their sites, I came down within a week with typhoid.

    They went from keeping the roads around their sites in first-class squeaky clean condition to not even maintaining their own sites properly. Nobody batted an eyelash till the number of accidents on their sites increased at an alarming rate.

    2.The Government of India


    It is probably the biggest and the most alarming specimen of the great Indian mediocrity circus.

    The bar is set so low for a person to be considered a VIP in India that we are the only country with over 450 persons listed as VIPs.

    One might argue that it is because of our large population and yet, China, which is a more populated country than ours has lesser VIPs than us. In 2015, the Indian Government decided to create a list of VIPs so that they get easy immigration at the US airport. Initially, this list consisted of over 2000 people.


    The sad state of Indian contemporary writing with novels that are not even properly proofread being published and sold as bestsellers says something about us as a country.

    The perils of the reserved quotas, pushing all kids to take up medicine or engineering and if God forbid they insist on anything other than science (that means commerce, not humanities!) to become a chartered accountant or die trying are slowly being acknowledged by the Indian society


    Until a while ago, offbeat careers such as blogging, youtube-ing, stand-up comedy and even painting were considered strictly as hobbies.

    The idiotic movies without even a whiff of a plotline that Bollywood creates are shown to the audience with great confidence and people queue up to watch them with confidence only proves that confidence is the prize given to the mediocre.

    India is a country with a great amalgamation of a large number of cultures over a long period of time. Let us not let it be streamlined into a bunch of engineers and chartered accountants.

    If we look at ourselves we will see that we have a country that has so much potential and we are letting it rot under the huge burden of inferior conglomeration that we ourselves have built.

    Another even bigger irony is that we chase mediocrity trying to avoid competition, but the most amount of competition is in mediocrity itself considering 99% of people put the arm on it.

    The smarter way to go is to let the students find their own passions instead of following the sheep mentality which only propagates uninspired work that is of little use to this nation.

    Let us get rid of all that is run-of-the-mill and make way for a uniquely developed nation that we can become.


  • What is Know your nods?Part-I



    Most Indian schools have a system of Parents’ and teachers’ meeting every month, to help students cope with the curriculum and make better decisions regarding their careers. But more often than not, these meetings tend to just focus on the academic scores of the students and their general prowess as learners

    However, school is a place which is concerned with the overall development of the students. With a significant number of students to take care of, it is impossible for teachers to focus on personal, social and academic problems of each and every student. This is where the role of a guidance counsellor comes into play.

    In this day and age of growing technology and so much information being accessed easily by children of all age, it becomes extremely important to have an easy outlet for their thoughts.

    Throughout 14 years of schooling, most students tend to blindly follow the curriculum without any idea of where it’s leading to or where they want it to lead.

    Hence, we, here at have listed out some of the many ways in which guidance counsellors are mandatory for every school in India

    1.Finding a career path

    First and foremost, in this list is the most important part of school life. This is the stepping stone for the rest of your life and hence a very important decision. But unfortunately, most of us are clueless about the available options when it’s time for decision making. A counsellor will ensure that the students have sufficient information at a given point in time so that they can make an informed decision.

    2.Peer Pressure

    Although parents and teachers can help a lot in this regard, students sometimes feel safer talking about problems related to their social group with someone who is not closely involved in their life. An outsider’s perspective can do fresh wonders sometimes when everything seems to be going downhill.

    3.Familial discord

    Even the best of students can sometimes become the worst because of the adverse effects being caused by some sort of conflict on the home front. There can be many issues at home and since the competition in every field is so much more now than in the olden days, the issues faced by students also tend to be correspondingly trickier and harder to overcome.

    4.Other adolescent issues

    Adolescent life can have many issues, especially in a country like India where reaching out for help is much harder. Students benefit from a safe environment to vent out whatever issues they may be facing, serious or otherwise. So that, when a push comes to shove, they are ready to face the world.


    We understand that other than these, there are many more issues faced by a student because of which they may feel demotivated at times. This is why we are building “know your nods” as a platform for students to share their issues and find solutions if possible.

    We have a small team of trained professionals who are willing to guide you. This platform is dedicated to the students today, who juggle so many different things simultaneously at the risk of burning themselves out.

    We want you to “Know your nods”. We want you to know every single option you have other than what society tells you to do. Feel free to mail us about any issues you may be facing that you want to discuss anonymously.




    There are so many habits that people here in India inculcate when they are forced to do so, reading is one of them.

    When people decide to write any MBA exam, suddenly they realise it is mandatory to have read certain books.At that point neither do they have sufficient amount of time nor reading as a habit can be developed overnight.

    Schooling is the best time you can start reading. There is only so much to read that once you get into this habit something magical starts to happen in life. Characters of novels slowly widen your perspectives, changes your outlook and you become empathetic towards your surrounding. Slowly and steadily your intellect builds up. You acquire the ability to think, to question and above everything to come to terms with yourself.

    So, if you have never read a book in your life by far other than NCERTs and other academic books, now is the time to get your first book hands on.

    So here I am jotting down the list of five books, why only five…because it is so easy to be lost in this new world you are about to enter!

    Let us begin!



    I was introduced to manga very late in my life. I was in the second year of my college and one of my friends suggested me to read “Naruto”.

    So manga is basically comics created in Japan. In Japan people of all ages read the manga.They are comics, only better.

    Coming to Naruto, if you think you are in anyway less than others, you have any inborn deformity which stops you from achieving big things in life, if you think you are weird in any sense etc this manga will stay with you for a lifetime. I can write volumes and volumes about how he changed my life.

    Once you read this one, please inbox us so that we can together discuss Orochimaru and I could finally ask you to read THE DEATH NOTE which is by far my favourite.

    2.Animal Farm

    Now, this is a must-read, and this will be your entry into the world of classics. This is not a chubby book but trust me after reading this you will see a difference in the way you see the news.This 112 pages book is one of the best satires published till date. You will get to know how and why pigs rule the farm.

    This book is one those books which you understand more and more as you mature. This will motivate you to look into the structure of politics in our society.

    This might come handy in those intense family discussions about politics where you find escape in your cell phones these days. 🙂


    While exploring reading as a habit you should read in all the languages you know.

    Godaan-The gift of a cow is a novel by Munshi Premchand and he will take you to the Indian village with him. You will have an insight into the lives of rural people back then.

    It is considered to be one of the finest works of the author. It is a story of stark realism.

    This book will fill you with gratitude.

    After reading this you will have an idea about exploitation of women, exploitation of lower class, problem due to caste segregation etc

    This book will give you a sense of pride of reading in your own language.

    4.Ignited Minds

    This is a great book written by a great man. If you wish to know how great people think, this book is a must-read.

    This book will teach you, why hard work is the only thing that matters.Kalam Sir will make you realise that there is no greater power in heaven or on earth than the commitment to a dream.

    The book talks about his experience of meeting the numerous students from all over the country and how during the course of interaction with the people from the entire nation made him realise the potential of India to be a developed country.

    5.Harry Potter Series

    Don’t think you have already watched the movies because the novel has a lot more magic in store. What you saw in movies was just a glimpse. 😛

    Go read it.

    After reading these gems you will definitely feel like discussing them with someone. So, you can always write to us, we are listening!


    Looking intently at my inbox! 🙂





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